> Wash Plants
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Wash Plants

Processing capacity of 30-300 tons per hour

Future of Placer Gold Mining


Handling anywhere from 30-300 tons of material per hour, our wash plant is durable, affordable, all-inclusive, and transportable. This plant includes a grizzly bar section that can take up to 24-inch rock (91cm) with a nugget trap and 3 sluice boxes, often exceeding 95% gold recovery down to 200 mesh fine gold.

  • Grizzly: Sub-1′ (25.4mm) material is separated from the large rocks by a high-pressure water system
  • Screen Deck: Sub0.25″ (6.35mm) material drops into the sluice boxes. The remaining sub-1″ material passes through the nugget trap
  • Sluice: 3 independently adjustable boxes. From 20 feet of sluice box on the 50-ton units to 40 feet of wider boxes on the 200-ton units
  • Specifications

  • Metric Tons Per Hour Fuel Option Water Pump Excavator / Bucket Water Required
    30 tph Gasoline / petrol (add $5k for diesel option) Included Small backhoe
    50 tph Gasoline / petrol (add $5k for diesel option) Included 8-15t digger | 0.5 meter bucket
    100 tph Kubota diesel engine Requires 6′ water pump 15-20t ex | 0.75 meter bucket Special instructions
    200 tph Kubota diesel engine Requires 6′ water pump 20-35t ex | 1-2 meter bucket 2,400 gallons/minute
    300 tph Kubota diesel engine Special instructions Special instructions Special instructions

Heavy-duty grizzly bars
Thoroughly washed material
Adjustable(s) sluice boxes
Hydraulic drive system
Diesel or Gas Option
Re-cycle Your Muddy Water
Completely portable
All-in-one compact unit