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Capacity ranges from 10kgs to 160kgs

GSI Induction Furnaces

Crucible capacity for GSI’s induction furnace range from 10kgs to 160kgs. Our best-seller, the 10kg furnace set, comes with a crucible size of 5″ across by 8″ tall, which provides the end-users with purer metal ingots and hits melting temperatures in only 15 minutes (1482 degrees C). GSI’s 6-piece kits include the furnace, crucible, burner air-intake pipe, gas regulator, firebrick, and tongs. While GSI primarily utilizes our furnaces for gold, they can also be used for silver, copper, brass, aluminum, cast iron, and more. 

Designed with a heavy-duty steel exterior, thick kaowool insulation lining made with ceramic wool, refractory cement furnace floor, and a supportive heat-resistant firebrick. GSI’s kit includes a set of extra-long tongs to ensure a safe and easy grip-to-pour with our superior grade graphite crucibles, which provide both strength and durability. 


Our GSI furnaces are custom made for your needs and include advanced digital controls with service and diagnostic features and temperature controllers with thermocouple probe or optimal IR pyrometer. We can also include an optional transformer for 3-phase/230V AC line requirements.