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GSI and partners gold refinery can process up to 1 ton of gold per day and holds to internationally accepted responsible practices including the LBMA Guidance & OECD Due Diligence Guidelines for responsible supply chains of minerals


Laboratory gold assaying and metal analysis

Objective: Monitor the quality of the metal throughout the refining process and determining the fineness of the gold.

Technology: Fire assay and Spectrometry.

Material: Doré bars arrive at the refinery and are melted then samples are taken.

Samples: Divided into 3 parts: 1 sample for the customer | 1 sample for GSI| 1 sample for arbitration if necessary. 


Chemical process eliminating unwanted material

Objective:  Purify the output and separate valuable gold from other “waste” material.

Technique: Miller chlorination process – upgrades gold bullion to 99.5% purity. Gold electrolysis is employed to produce +99.99% pure gold from the production of gold bars.

Material: More doré deposits, secondary jewelry scrap, and alluvial deposits ranging from 10-99% gold content.


Melting fine metal into bars

Objective: One stop shop for material processing and precious metal recovery from an integrated smelter and refinery system.

Technology: Smelting complex is capable of treating the following materials – borax, slags, flue dusts, PC scrap, milled concentrates, carbonaceous materials, refinery sweeps, etc.

Equipment: Includes both Pyro and Hydrometallurgical capabilities.


Advanced Purchase of Discounted Gold

Objective: Allows you to maximize the value of your purchased gold by locking in your price prior to market changes plus additional gold at no further cost.

Specifics: Advanced purchase of 99.99% 24KT gold bullion at LBMA spot price subject to a minimum purchase of 25,000 USD.

Discount: 1 ounce of gold for every 10,000 USD


Sudan Gold


Potential capital appreciation

Monthly discount

Monthly delivery over 24 months


As an example, an investment of 100,000 USD with a purchase price of 1,500 USD/ounce, you would receive 66.67 ounces of gold.


Your 100,000 USD purchase will be delivered via armored vehicle in equal amounts over a fixed 24-month period along with your monthly bonus gold.

Effective Discount

For every 100,000 USD purchased, you receive an additional 1Oz. of physicals gold per month at no further cost.