> Finishing Tables
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Finishing Tables

Concentrate from 255lbs to 1/2ton per hour down to 400 mesh

Finishing Tables

The low-grade concentrates that ran through the GSI centrifuge now goes into our GSI Finishing Tables to produce a directly smeltable concentrate. These tables are the last step before smelting to bullion. Our tables have the capacity to concentrate up to 30kg (65lbs), 115kg (250lbs), and ½ ton per hour. They can recover fine gold down to 400 mesh and secure about 15% more than gold wheels at a faster rate.


GSI’s Finishing Tables have an easy-to-operate direct drive system with a geared motor that drives a crank connection to the table deck. This crank incorporates a spring connection system to absorb overrun. The GSI Finishing Table offers full variable speed control and requires a minimal 6 to 10 gallons per minute of water to run.

Features of the table


Adjustable feed rate

Fixed, direct speed feed system

Operates on batch or continuous

Recessed deck grooves for collection

Multiple dressing water cock valves

Central water manifold to resist attack by contaminated process water


  • GSI Finishing Table Feed

  • Feed GSI30 GSI80 GSI250
    Feed rate nominal, kg/h 30 115 450
    Feed density – %solid w/w 60-70 60-70 60-70
    Feed size nominal-microns 800-1000 800-1000 800-1000

  • GSI Finishing Table Washwater

  • Washwater GSI30 GSI80 GSI250
    Nominal wash water requirements, l/min 12 25 38
    Nominal wash water pressure, kPa 30 30 30