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"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door."

‒ Milton Berle

What We Do

GSI’s promise, to care for our clients as if they were our own, means that we succeed when our partners, their communities, & their countries prosper. This goal has been shaping our client’s future for over 30 years. Over that time, GSI thrives by combining deep business insights from our extensive contact list with rapid technological advancement adoption models for new discoveries that impact our industry focus. Our attention is primarily consumed by:

» Penetrating new domestic and overseas markets

» Resolving complex businesses, political, and legal disputes

» Improving or establishing government relations both in the U.S and abroad, or

» Expanding existing businesses with additional opportunities, financing, or operational capacity.

How We Do It

The key to GSI’s strategic services is the caliber of its associates & their close relationships with the world’s top business, political, diplomatic, & academic leaders. In fact, the GSI team is privileged to call over thirty heads of state & hundreds of world leaders “friends.” And since we take personal ownership over the care and success of your goals, GSI’s contacts become your contacts.
Drawing from the strength of these resources, our strategy is simple:

» Conducts an assessment of the issue standing in the way of your goal

» Assembles the right team of experts

» Produces & executes a sound plan

» Attentively manage the people and process from start to finish

GSI has successfully served clients in over 44 countries in the past 30 years, & we would love to continue that tradition with you.

Global Strategies Inc. ‒ Three Phase Compensation Structure

The key component of GSI’s strategic services is its unparalleled relationship with the worls’ top political and business leaders build over 30 years in business. This commodity, often viewed as “intangible,” is the powerhouse that allows GSI to leverage its sought-after strategic planning and relationship expertise to maximize value to our clients.
To ensure that the client is only paying for value it receives. GSI splits this retainer fee into three segments.

» Mandatory upfront advance retainer covering: a) development of strategic plan, b) due diligence, c) project assessment. (GSI does not accept strictly contingent agreements).

» Further compensation is paid only if the client accepts the strategic plan and achieves milestones outlined in the plan.

» All normal and customary expenses are cleared before billing the client.

This structure helps to maintain a strong and healthy partnership by sharing risks while offering a minimum protection to GSI in the vent of an unforeseen client predicament, as further described in our “Disclaimer” section below.
GSI has been based in Washington, DC for over 26 years, with consultants and strategically positioned relationship available worldwide, and we look forward to adding you to the team.

Global Strategies Inc. ‒ Compensation Structure Disclaimer

GSI will develop and implement the strategic plan and marketing services, offering professional and world-class guidance and coaching at each step. The progress and success of the project could be impaired by a wide variety of factors such as: the emotional, physical, financial incapacitation of the client or its related entities; the clients perceived reputation or integrity, the clients inability to deliver part of all of the proposed goods or services, or a cultural mishap of the client with a foreign entity critical to the success of the project.

If you are still up for the challenge, continue on to review our major industry focuses!