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18 Industries Served in 44 Countries


Our clients depend on us to anticipate inevitable disruptions, track shifting agricultural trends, find ways to innovate within the industry, and maximize growth and productivity across the food value chain. Precision and mastery are the only acceptable standards for GSI’s agricultural experts. Rest assured that our team will work tirelessly until they surpass all expectations relating to client performance, operational upgrades, and trend-setting improvements.

Featured Specialties

Digital Transformation

We anticipate and calculate digital disruptions before they happen to create an atmosphere of industry-leading agricultural innovation with our clients.

Cost Savings

GSI helps our clients target cost-saving strategies, zero-base their budget, or improve their cost structure.

Raw Material Management

Our team is well versed in optimizing consumer-packaged-goods and processing companies’ performance within their raw-agricultural-materials procurement and risk-management functions.

Farm Operations

Perfect end-to-end operations, from supply chain to procurement, to maximized profits while staying true to the company’s strategics.

Fresh-food supply chains

Comprehensive and precise supply-chain management is essential for reducing shrinkage and optimizing the quality and cost of a client’s fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rural Development

The GSI team is passionate about serving government and development partners in emerging economies to expand their agriculture sector. We recognize that it’s not about the size of the client, but whether they have a need that we can help them fulfill.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We will stay by our client’s side through the target identification process, due diligence period, joint ventures and alliances research, post-merger integration, and exit support. GSI always considers the client’s motivations, whether they be synergies, growth, acquiring unique capabilities, transferring technology, diversification, or more personal incentives.

Investment Opportunities

Our value-creation pools and investment opportunity strategics in food and agriculture are second to none. We will bring our most senior level agricultural experts to bear when pitching the client’s plan for strategic growth with private-equity groups, financial investors, and other investment approaches that are tailor-fitted to our client’s needs.

Across the complex banking and capital markets industry, companies are under pressure to find new avenues for growth amidst continuing regulatory pressures and aging infrastructure. Post financial crisis, large banks had to address material legacy issues, clean up their balance sheets and bear the costs of new regulation, including significantly tighter prudential regulation through capital adequacy rules, while facing the pressures of a “lower for longer” interest rate environment.

These issues continue to be relevant, but the focus has now shifted toward adapting to the new world of “open banking” and big (or at least bigger) data, and investing heavily in technology to respond to nimbler, innovative models adopted by challenger banks and fintech players. In addition, banks of all sizes face the challenge of changing consumer behavior, driven by a combination of significant and increasing customer preferences for digital means of managing their finances and ongoing low engagement of most customers combined with a loss of trust in major brands.

GSI banking and capital markets specialists can help you navigate this environment and implement strategies that address regulatory reform, technological complexity, competitive dynamics, and market moves. We address industry issues by aligning our various consultative services to offer solutions to the challenges of the new normal.

Strategic Solutions

Unique, phased methodology to create a strategic vision aimed at a profitable future.

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Enterprise Risk Management,
  • Organizational Services,
  • Board Governance
Fintech Solutions

We will assess your position in the market, build awareness of your business among stakeholders, and offer powerful solutions to fuel your market growth and leadership.

  • Industry Briefings,
  • Advisory Engagements,
  • Commissioned Studies,
  • Knowledge Vaults,
  • Product Diligence and Assessments
Contract Solutions

Your needs are addressed quickly to provide a final contract that is competitive and is focused on future growth.

  • Core System Contracts,
  • Ancillary Technology Negotiations,
  • Contract Savings Through Merger Negotiations,
  • Delivering the Lowest Pricing and Highest Card Incentives
Performance Solutions

Significant opportunities to recapture costs, gain market share and increase shareholder value.

  • Benchmarking, Dashboards, and Scorecards,
  • Lending: Commercial, Mortgage
  • Consumer, and Small Business,
  • Process and Performance Improvement
  • Revenue Generation and Operation
  • Marketing and Sales Best Practices
Technology Solutions

Manage a growing and complex technology environment to maximize returns.

    • Strategic Technology Planning
    • IT Benchmarking
    • IT Organizational Assessments
    • System Selection, Implementation, and Conversion,
    • Vendor Performance Management
Mergers & Acquisitions

Focus on measurable productivity improvements while retaining franchise value of each organization.

    • Transaction Advisory Services
    • Merger Integration Services
    • Merger Contract Negotiations
Payments Solutions

Tighten up your payments program to increase your bottom line.

    • Payments Contracts
    • Card Branding
    • Payments Scorecards/P&L
    • Payments Vendor Selection
    • Payments Growth Initiative
    • Payments Vendor Consulting
Channel Solutions

Integrated services and proprietary research to increase return on channels.

    • Return on Channel Model
    • Branch Strategy
    • Digital Strategy and Roadmap
    • Digital System Selection and Implementation
    • Contact Center Strategy
    • ATM/ITM Strategy and Execution
    • Digital Revenue Growth
    • Cash Management

Management, Marketing & Support Services

  • Accounting and financial services, such as payroll, reporting, budgeting, tax and treasury services;
  • Legal services, such as contract management and negotiation, record keeping and procuring of legal advice;
  • Information technology services, including the provision of IT support, procurement, hosting, and archiving;
  • Human resource management, including specifying procedures and recruiting;
  • Business operation services, including identification of opportunities, marketing and support.
  • Coordinated trade and business development trips to over 100 countries which included prominent diplomatic and political leaders
  • Advised strategic political and business projects for the rebuilding of post war Iraq and Algeria after the 2003 earthquake
  • Sought funding for start-ups, expanding entities, emerging technologies and trade Programs
  • Worked with a sizable land development project in South Korea
  • Managed government related issues for one of the largest insurance companies in Asia
  • Represented Boeing, one of the largest commercial aircraft companies in the United States, marketing in South Asia
  • Assisted fund managers in securing clients and management companies
  • Identified and negotiated for crude oil concessions.
  • Negotiated settlement for foreign government debt to corporation.
  • Marketed large scale services such as maintenance and cleaning to state and federal governments.
  • Coordinated international merger and acquisitions for over 25 clients.
  • Worked with Chief Executive Officers of major US corporations in philanthropic activity
  • Helped create strategic business plans for a major US mutual insurance corporation.
Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is grappling with a range of complex challenges: energy transition, increasingly volatile oil prices, intensified global competition, the rise of disruptive technologies, and more sophisticated government regulations. These factors increase the complexity and risks for even the best-run firms. That’s why GSI is embracing new digital business models and an adaptive strategy, helping companies rise above industry perils to outflank competitors and thrive in the years ahead. Through digital technologies and advanced analytics, the pursuit of strategic insights, and deep experience and expertise, GSI’s oil and gas consulting delivers lasting change to clients around the globe.

Power & Utilities

After a long period of general stability, power and utility companies entered a time of significant change and uncertainty—beginning in 2010. Challenges include new and more stringent regulations, new forms of competition (even for regulated utilities), and questions about the best ways for power and gas grids to integrate conventional and renewable supplies. At the same time, digital is transforming how utilities serve customers, identify market opportunities, and plan for long-term growth. To thrive in this environment, utilities must reexamine and, in many cases, transform their business models.

How We Can Help

Capital Projects: We help clients deliver world-class projects that yield maximum return on invested capital.


Digital & Afacned Analytics: We help oil and gas companies achieve step-change transformations in operations and business outcomes through digital strategies.


Downstream: We help clients navigate today’s high-paced and interconnected markets with deep industry experience, rigorous analytics.


Global Gas: We help gas companies create distinctive outcomes across the energy value chain and in every region.


Organization: We help oil and gas companies engineer their organization for success through our unique combination of deep industry knowledge.


Strategy: We help oil and gas companies develop strategies to pursue growth and create value in an uncertain and volatile environment.


Unconventionals: We help clients optimize their businesses to capture the potential of tight gas, shale gas, and light tight oil.

Our Franchise Consultants Can Help

Companies seeking to franchise a business for the first time. These clients will already have developed a successful prototype and are looking to expand through franchising.


Companies who are already franchising. These clients are looking to improve on an established franchise system, hire personnel, increase their operating efficiency, improve quality, or increase franchise sales effectiveness.


Manufacturers currently selling through dealers or distributors. The iFranchise Group has developed a proprietary system for helping these clients increase operational control, improve brand image, and increase product sales.

We Offer

Franchise Dev. for New Franchise Programs
  • Strategic Planning for Franchise Growth
  • Franchise Legal Documentation
  • Franchise Operations and Training Documentation
  • Franchisee Recruitment Marketing Strategies
  • Franchise Sales Brochures & E-Brochures
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Implementation and Compliance Training
  • Website Content, Design & Development
  • Franchise Sales and Training Videos
  • Implementation Consulting and Assistance


Services for Manufacturers, Dealers, and Distributors
  • Market Studies
  • Channel Conflict Studies
  • Dealer Conversion Assistance (converting dealers to franchises)
  • Enhanced Dealer Programs
  • iFranchise Group Change Facilitation (for dealer conversion)
  • Franchise Organizational Development Assistance
  • Franchise Implementation Plans
  • Non-Franchising Expansion Strategies

Services for Existing Franchisors

Franchise Organizational Audits

Franchise System Best Practices and Benchmarking

Sales and Marketing Audits

Franchise Marketing Materials

Operation Manuals and Training Program Development

Repurposing Operations Manual for Online Training

Advertising Fund Consulting

Design Criteria Manuals

Franchise Sales Coaching

Improved Franchisee Relations and Communications

Refinement of Franchisee Support Systems

Franchisee Relations and Franchisee Council Development

International Expansion Planning and Market Analysis


Services for Licensors

Strategic Planning and Structure of Licensing Programs

Marketing Plans

Marketing Materials

Operations Manuals


Other Services

Business Plans for Fundraising, Retail and Prototype Development Consulting, Name and Logo Selection Franchise Finance, Expert Witness Consulting and Testimony, Due Diligence Assistance for Mergers and Acquisitions, Ongoing Digital Marketing and Public Relations Services

In today’s global environment rapid change is the new normal with the necessity for efficient technology implementation and alleviation of potential security threats delivering never-ending challenges for government agencies. Agencies that have attained high agility outperform those with low agility on all the key metrics of success: projects are on time, on budget, meet business goals and objectives, and meet or exceed ROI. GSI can partner with government agencies and federal organizations to help them evolve through the implementation of key consulting and staffing solutions.


We have experience addressing the unique challenges of improving agility in government environments such as:

Compliance, secure development environments, multiple contractors, earned value metrics, auditability, distributed teams, product owner and development team interaction, and others


Key evolutionary roles that we focus on include:

Transformation Architects, Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Trainers, Development Engineers, QA, Architects


On an ongoing basis, we help clients fill positions in:

IT, Audit, Recruitment, Program Management, Human Resources

Government Agency Access

Department of Health and Human Services

 Department of Agriculture

Department of Interior

Department of Transporation

Department of Veterans Affairs

Social Security Administration

Department of Defense

Department of Interior

Department of Transportation

Department of Veterans Affairs

General Service Administration

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

United Postal Service

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Justice

Department of Treasury

Department of Education

Department of Labor

Federal Communications Commission

GSI’s consulting wing was established to work with humanitarian organizations, governments, the private sector and communities to improve disaster response, risk reduction and resilience, and to contribute to the expansion of research, knowledge and innovation.

We offer a range of humanitarian consultancy and advisory services including, strategy consulting, employee assessment, psychosocial training and support, leadership selection and development, disaster risk management, participatory disaster risk management (PDRM), participatory project management (PPM), disaster response and preparedness, capacity development, global development,, humanitarian research, and more.

GSI’s work also extends into cross-cutting issues related to law, policy, and research on human rights, non-discrimination, community empowerment, gender, social inclusion, quality and accountability, as well as issues relating to capacity development. We provide a global perspective on local issues. They bring a depth of knowledge, ideas and practical solutions, drawn from their personal experience in many disaster-affected countries, as well as from their international and comparative legal and policy research.

Whether the need is for office-based research and drafting, in-country consultations and workshops, or operational support, GSI is here for you.

  • Having a culture that supports innovation is key. An organization that is bogged down by politics or old-school methods has little chance of becoming innovative. Innovation consultants can look at an organization from an outside perspective to better identify where the problem areas are and apply their expertise to help eliminate those areas.
  • Client
  • Some larger firms offer innovation consulting as a part of management consulting.
  • Some boutique firms choose innovation consulting as their sole focus, offering expertise in this very niche but necessary area.
  • Still other innovation consultants concentrate on technology and product design, making sure offerings are presented in innovative ways.
  • Hiring
  • Innovation relies heavily on creative thinkers, and so hiring the right people is critical to creating an innovative organization. Innovation consultants can identify the type of talent needed and facilitate the hiring process to cultivate the right kind of talent pool.
  • Ideation
  • Oftentimes, R&D and L&D departments in an organization are blocked from truly innovating because of the organization’s processes. Silos and bureaucracy will prevent good ideas from being heard and acted upon. Innovation consultants can help organizations create processes that make it easy for new ideas to be heard and adopted and channels for better communication and collaboration around those ideas.
  • Identify New Markets
  • In order to stay even with competition, organizations struggling with innovation frequently attempt to imitate their competitors, going after the same target markets that their competitors do. Innovation consultants can help organizations identify new markets that are being underserved, targeting those instead to create an innovative product for a new customer base.
  • Innovation Goals
  • Businesses that start out as innovative ventures often scale to the extent that they lose their innovative edge. As they expand and focus on many offerings at once, they often reach the point where they must pour their resources into keeping the current business alive, rather than into creating innovative new offerings. Innovation consultants can help businesses construct a business plan and strategy that realigns goals around innovation.
  • GSI provides a variety of immigration services and specializes in assisting immigrants with filing applications, filing a petition, gathering the required documentation for their application, and translating for visas, work authorization, green card, United States immigration, immigration news, immigration help, INS, USCIS, etc. For permanent residents, we offer assistance in citizenship, naturalization certification, and finance processing.
  • GSI’s client engagement includes:
  • Assessing clients’ chances of being approved for a visa
  • Preparing clients for VISA interviews, if needed
  • Helping prepare a client’s immigration applications and paperwork, or proofreading them to ensure they are accurate and error-free
  • Assisting clients in all facets of immigration to the United States and Canada, including family sponsorship, express entry, refugee claims, permanent residency, or studying/working in North America
  • And much more.
GSI Mining
  • Mining represents a major proportion of the world economy, a focus of massive investment, and a key growth driver for many countries. Yet after the last decade’s commodity boom, mining companies are operating in a complex environment characterized by high price volatility, increasing operational challenges, and shifting regulation. To create value today and secure competitive advantage for the future, they must achieve laser-sharp strategic focus, drive operational excellence across the business, and deliver high levels of capital and resource efficiency.


  • How We Can Help
  • We help mining leaders hone strategies to deliver consistent value-creation in a volatile world, transform their operational performance and organizational effectiveness, and deliver step-change improvements right across the value chain, from resource efficiency and capital productivity to marketing. GSI has dealt with numerous metal, mineral, and stone mining projects and have outlined our access, expertise, and services below.
  • Base Metals Project Interests: Copper, iron, molybdenum, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminum, and others.
  • Precious Metals Projects:Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and others.
  • Industrial Minerals Projects:Aggregates, quarries, lithium, phosphate, coal, and other proprietary minerals.
  • Semiprecious Stones:Including gemstones fashioned from agate, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, hematite, jade, jasper, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, onyx, peridot, rhodonite, sunstone, tanzanite, topaz, turquoise, tourmaline, and many others.
  • Precious Stones:Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, in addition to opals, jade, and pearls, of which the latter three are less accepted in the “precious stone” class.



  • Services
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental management, permitting, & compliance
  • Expert witness
  • Mine closure planning
  • Mine waste engineering
  • Mining advisory
  • Mining Noise and vibration
  • Planning & permitting
  • Regulatory support
  • Stormwater
  • GSI’s Team
  • Our team includes expert mine engineers, metallurgists, geologists, and business managers, with deep operational experience in mining. We offer our clients unique insights on supply, demand, trade flows, and future prospects for all major mining commodities.


  • Global industry Expertise
  • We bring deep insight into every significant mining commodity, including coal, iron ore, precious metals, bauxite, potash, copper, and other base metals. This is grounded both in deep practical experience, informed by our long-term relationships with leading mining players across commodities and regions, and in-depth proprietary knowledge.


  • Mining Feasibility Studies
  • GSI will not only author mine feasibility studies but mining studies of all levels and can do so for NI 43-101, JORC, and Regulation S-K / SEC 10K. Some other lower-level studies that can be conducted are conceptual, scoping, preliminary economic assessments.


  • Exploration Development
  • IMC will cooperate closely with your geological and exploration staff to make the right steps in moving the project forward. We can model your resource, audit your resource, and provide economic direction in developing the project into a feasible mine.


  • Resource Modeling
  • We differ from our competition in that we take a multi-disciplinary approach to create an accurate Resource/Reserve with substance to geologic, geostatistic, metallurgical, mining, and economical issues. This ensures your resource is practical for mine extraction.

GSI has experience working with a variety of non-profits organizations, ranging from large professional associations to faith-based and caused-based organizations. Our experience and competence extends to development, advancement, financial, administrative processes, and information technology projects while focusing on the “people side” or organizational change management.

What We Do
  • GSI typically begins assessing part or all of an NGO who feel they have areas of inefficiency or inconsistency. We team with our clients to identify pain points and gain a clear understanding of the elements (services, processes, technology, and people) that are working well and those that need improvement.
  • We also help envision a future and implement recommendations that leverage these elements to create opportunities to improve and, when necessary, gain a competitive advantage within the NGO industry. Our recommendations are actionable, measurable, and most importantly for the Non-Profit and NGO industry, sustainable.
  • Our Non-Profit Consulting Solutions
  • The following are the most frequent service areas we employ to help our Non-Profit Clients:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Technology Assessment & Strategy
  • Software Evaluation & Selection
  • Customer Experience (CX)

We know how to cut through the clutter and jargon, hone your message, and communicate it well.

  • Whether you need to build your brand, launch a new product, or burnish your image, PRCG is the team you want behind you. Our members are the best in the business and can help you with:

Public Relations

Media Relations

Media Training

Coalition Building

Content Creation

Event Marketing and Management

Product Launches

Crisis Communications

Communications Strategies

Internal Communications

Digital Strategy and Communications

Social Media

Stakeholder Engagement

Event Marketing


Blogger Relations

We know our markets inside out
  • First, we develop strategies, create plans and execute programs customized to top markets around the world. GSI members know that what builds buzz in Boston doesn’t necessarily do well in Dallas, and they have also mastered the complexities of cultural differences between and among countries, thus optimizing our client’s results based on what works in each city, state, and country.
  • Beyond the basics
  • We know our stuff. We have backgrounds in the media, with top communication agencies, large corporations and major non-profits. We do the research. We have tried-and-true systems and reporting. We get results.

  • Never duplicated
  • Brands choose GSI to amplify their unique message and nurture customer engagement at the local level. Our strategic expertise can energize any public relations effort or mitigate any communications crisis.
  • Powerful program management
  • One GSI member serves as your point of contact, supervising and managing your programs in just a few cities or more than 50. It all makes management and reporting organized and easy.

  • Our Results Speak For Themselves

  • Represented clients that successfully passed legislation through the US Congress and later signed by President Clinton
  • Created, marketed and sustained an alliance of legal entities to influence public policy
  • Developed marketing and political strategies for a team of 12 former US Senators and Congressmen for numerous clients
  • Coordinated textile representation for South Asian country
  • Established political, strategic and international support to several successful candidates for President (outside the US)
  • Consulted and assisted a former First Lady (non-US) regarding her personal finances
  • Provided direct contacts with various heads of state, including the US
  • Assisted in the composition of the board of advisors and directors with highly-recognized public figures
  • Helped establish lobbying teams for many countries, such as; Taiwan, Nigeria, Cyprus, Bangladesh, South Korea, Republic of Congo, Benin Eritrea, Liberia
  • Facilitated successful direct mail and telemarketing fundraising campaigns for several dozen clients
  • Promoted sales of books and speaking engagements
  • Created the largest not-for-profit media partnership with major sports organization
  • Entered client material in the Congressional Record

Forward-thinking organizations understand the reality of Neverending technological evolutions is the new norm irrespective of the industry, so having GSI’s technology consultants on an organization’s side is paramount to seamlessly and continuously upgrade their digital strategy.

  • How we can help
  • Our goal is to inform clients how to use their IT practices to achieve their business objectives. To do that, GSI’s tech consultants craft the service that best suits our client’s needs, whether it be developing and implementing specific technology to accelerate business growth, examining the risk of an existing system, check the cost of current and proposed systems to reduce cost, or change how the system is functioning.


  • We are often seen as an external IT department and act as an interface between the company and its hardware and software providers. Our tech consulting activity is will likely include the following tasks:
  • Presenting strategies and experience to clients
  • Developing and providing solutions
  • Understanding how technology impacts different departments of the organization
  • Communicating with team members
  • Going to client sites
  • Bringing new systems and monitoring them
  • Creating documentation and showing the progress reports
  • Being involved with sales, support, and maintaining contact with client organizations
  • Bringing new ideas and trends

Key Elements

There are specific technological ingredients that GSI’s consultants  keep a close eye on:


  • New IT
  • Pivoting to “new” IT is no longer up for discussion—let’s get it done.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Imagine this: Your company’s every interaction with technology is intelligent.


  • Blockchain
  • By the time you hear how Blockchain changed the world it will be too late. Capitalize on Blockchain today with the leaders in ledger technologies.
  • Security
  • Build the cyber resilience you need to grow confidently.


  • Cloud
  • Power your journey to higher agility, faster innovation and lower IT costs.


  • Intelligent Platforms
  • Adapt your enterprise environment to become a high-velocity business.
  • Who we service:
  • Service firms that have a significant workforce and operate high bill rates.
  • Staffing firms that send technologists to businesses for a temporary period as a response to employee absences, temporary skill shortage, or technical projects.
  • Independent consultants that are self-employed.
  • Information Technology security consultants.

GSI has facilitated international trade with a range of products and has trade connections for the following goods:





  • Diamonds
  • Steel
  • Lead
  • Ancient Artifacts
  • Sugarcane
  • Dates
  • Citrus fruits
  • Mangoes
  • Sesame
  • Coffee
  • Sorghum
  • Cotton
  • Mining Equipment
  • Processing Equipment
  • Refining Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • International Trade Compliance Services
  • International trade is becoming more complex. Our customs and trade experts review compliance programs to identify risks and cost savings, and to provide opportunities to grow your business internationally.
  • Classification
  • Valuation
  • Voluntary Disclosures & Appeals
  • Audits & Audit assistance & assessment
  • Logistics
  • Export Controls
  • Trade Compliance Assessments
  • Compliance Diagnostic
  • Licenses & Agreement
  • Process and Internal Control Design
  • Commodity Jurisdictions
  • Sorghum
  • Cotton
  • Post-entry Audit
  • Jurisdiction Determination
  • Export Licensing Assistance
  • Harmonized Tariff
  • Schedule B
  • Customized training and support services
  • Duty and Tax Recovery
  • Duty Drawback, Duty Recovery, Commodity Transaction Tax Services, Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services, GST Direct Billing


  • Supply Chain Safety & Security
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), C-TPAT Program Application, Partners in Protection (PIP), Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Application Assessment


  • International Trade Agreements
  • Certificate of Origin Supplier Solicitation Service, Origin Determination, Free Trade Agreement Program Compliance Review, Rules of Origin and Marking, Origin Verification, Supplier Management Program

Whether our clients are manufacturers, distributors, retailers or service companies, they all share a common desire: to gain control over significantly rising freight costs.

  • You deserve to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your business.
  • You have a right to a level playing field in negotiations with freight carriers.
  • You deserve the best possible service and lowest possible costs from your transportation and logistics partners.
  • You should expect your logistics consultant to be carrier-neutral: They should negotiate with and audit the invoices of any transportation company for all modes of transportation.
  • You have the right to expect documented savings and you should expect us to earn your loyalty by delivering savings month after month.
  • Services
  • Parcel Carrier Audit Services
  • Carrier Rate Negotiations
  • Freight Invoice Audit Services
  • Contract Management Services
  • Logistics Consulting
  • International Logistics Consulting

We help Freight and Logistics companies to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas.


  • Develop a blockchain platform with Freight and Logistics leaders to transform trade and drive efficiency through the sector.


  • Connected Ports
  • Raise productivity and efficiency of all port operations by applying new tech and IoT platforms to connect existing hardware and digitize processes.


  • Connected Container
  • Enable the connected container, a key building block of the global F&L ecosystem, to provide real-time container tracking.


  • Warehouse Automation
  • Utilize rapid advances in warehouse robotics and software to offer opportunities that drive competitive advantage.

Places of Business

  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Benin
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Central African Republic
  • China
  • Congo, Republic
  • Congo, Democratic Republic
  • Cyprus
  • El Salvador
  • Gabon
  • Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Holy See
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Israel
  • Korea, South
  • Kenya
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mexico
  • Moldova
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Sauda Arabia
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Togo
  • United Arab Emirates
  • U.S.A
  • United Kingdom
  • Ivory Coast